What we used to do

Stick People founders Matt Edgar, Kathryn Grace and Sharon Dale have extensive experience of applying service design, design thinking and agile techniques to a range of strategic challenges. Recent engagements include:

Government Digital Service (GDS)

Since 2013, members of the Stick People team have created and run the Service Manager Induction Programme at GDS. This highly practical induction and development programme targets senior leaders responsible for transforming digital services across government. Participants learn by doing, share everyday achievements, discuss challenges in trusted forums, and create a supportive network of service managers across government.

Cabinet Office and UKTI

For the Cabinet Office PolicyLab and UKTI Ideas Lab we helped coordinate a simultaneous 9-location ExportJam to involve business people in the design of the future of export support. We also ran the Leeds location ourselves. We led participants in a series of rapid idea-generation exercises followed by an afternoon of prototyping and presentations of the ideas, which were all video recorded and uploaded to the UKTI Ideas Lab Export Jam Youtube channel.

NHS / mHabitat

For mHabitat and Leeds City Council, we have recently completed a discovery phase on digital confidence among health and care practitioners in the city. This has included one-to-one and group contextual interviews in health and care settings, surveys of practitioners and service users, and co-creation workshops with practitioners. We used these insights to propose a model for a learning programme to increase the digital confidence of practitioners.

Global GovJam and Global Service Jam

Twice a year the Stick People team bring service jamming to Leeds in the form of the Global Service Jam and the Global GovJam. In 48 hours, teams move from an initial theme, through guerrilla research, idea generation and as quickly as possible into prototyping. Jammers at our events have created prototypes in Lego, made life-size scenes out of cardboard, coded whole websites and acted out their service concepts on video. In recognition of the quality of our jams, we had the honour of running the 2016 Global GovJam headquarters from Leeds.



Here’s a little description of what we do…

Our experience and approach
– Government Digital Service
– Global Service Jam: Leeds
– Global Gov Jam: Leeds
– SDLeeds – Thinks & Drinks
– Service Design Network – UK Chapter Committee

We always start with people

who are you providing a service for? who is your customer/client/patient?
– who is delivering the service? who are the staff?